Biology: Velocitractors mainly come in red or green depending on the gender. these are cousins of Scraptors but these scraptors, unlike their cousins, will not scrap trux unless need be. Their tails have trowel ends on them to plow ground to surface ore or plant small plants for building purposes of nests. Upon meeting a trux the blunt claws of a Velocitractor will be used to push or pull the trux away from the crops. Males are more rare than females and a pack usually only has 3 - 5 males

Model, Female: green coat of paint, engine exposed, exaust pipes coming out of the tail (when not plowing) and a trowel like tail for plowing

Model, Male: red coat of paint, bigger treads and is far slower, the plow is bigger and their exausts are harshly darker.

Diet: Ore

Extra: Will fight other scraptors, Fears arguments with scrapadactyles, speak with a country accent, ands Aren't afraid to tussle with a t-trux

Notable Velocitractors: Valerie, who gets repaired by the reptools and helps Tyr