Ty Rux offical poster

Ty Rux's offical poster.

Ty Rux, better known as Ty is very kind and handy but still daring T-Trux who was driven out of a valley due to a volcanic eruption; but despite his good intentions, he still has a short temper at times due to his natural instincts. While some Dinotrux believe in only interacting with their own species, Ty sees the value of teamwork and friendship, and also a very new vision for the world: all species of both Dinotrux and Reptools working together in harmony, and among his friends are Revvit, Skya, Ton-Ton, Dozer, and Garby. He also has a deeply fierce rivalry and enmity with D-Structs, the only other T-Trux around beside him.


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Ty Rux as he appears in the show.