Supercharged Spark Bugs, also known as Superchargers are a rare variation of normal Spark Bugs. The difference between a normal Spark Bug and a Supercharged one is basically that the Supercharged ones possess a surge of powerful energy. When placed in a Dinotrux's engine, the Supercharged Spark Bug makes the Trux faster, stronger and more agile and powerful.


Physical Description

Supercharged Spark Bugs have the same basic appearance as the more common variety except for having an odd and unusual cyan-blue glow emanating from their bodies.


Supercharged Spark Bugs are no different from the regular ones, as they will fly around freely until caught by something like a Tool. However, if a Supercharger receives too much strain or expends its charge, then it will burn out and power down, effectively becoming another basic Spark Bug. They are known for being among numerous rare and hard-to-find creatures and objects, but despite this fact it is shown that a whole group of Superchargers can live in a concealed hive.


  • When Ty, his friends and later a group of Scraptors absorbed live Superchargers into their systems, their bodies each gained a noticeable glowing effect similar to that of the installed Superchargers before they burned out.
    • Oddly enough, in their first real debut the one Supercharger Skrap-It connected to D-Structs' engine did not give D-Structs the aforementioned signature property of glowing blue as well; whether this was due to D-Structs losing his first Spark Bug beforehand is unknown, though Revvit noticed the blue glow of the Supercharger coming from the section between his head and neck, and in a later episode D-Structs even faked being supercharged by projecting a hidden light in the exact same spot. He later gains the same glowing effect in the season 7 premeire.