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Garby the Stegarbasaur

Stegarbasaurs are Dinotrux that eat rocks instead of ore. It is half stegosaurus half garbage truck.


Physical Description

Stegarbasaurs are bulky quadrupedal Dinotrux that actually move around on six wheels, but if a special and rare bolt is removed from their transmission then their movement will be reduced to zero. They have large jaws with a slight underbite and a rough conveyor belt on the inside for consuming rocks, and beyond this is a series of multiple stomachs with more conveyor belts and other mechanisms for moving rocks to be digested. Along their backs are spikes that can be aimed and launched at targets usually as a form of defense, and they have tails with four points on it for grabbing rocks and other objects; below this tail is a hatch for releasing waste products from any meals. Some stegarbasaurs have heads more in Ty's shape, as seen with Goldtrux.


Most Stegarbasaurs live in herds and eat many different kinds of rocks, making cube-shaped bricks or releasing a cloud of noxious green gas fumes normally after eating. Even if they haven't eaten they often release such foul clouds often without warning and this means that other trux don't like to be near them. They also have large appetites and spend most of their day eating rocks. However, their fondness for the delicacies of rocks can lead them to accidentally eat Tools among other things and according to Garby they cannot digest most types of ore well, even being unable to eat from magnetic ore deposits. Like many Trux, they are afraid of others like T-Trux and Scraptors but will still stand up to them. They can also digest things like gold but it can affect their mind. One of the few ore types they can eat is Spicy ore, which when made into bricks, can fly farther than usual.

Notable Stegarbasaurs