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Skrap-It is D-Structs' loyal and groveling Scraptool minion who is the secondary antagonist of the show. He is constantly bullied and abused by D-Structs and usually gets little appreciation from him. But despite this, he is still loyal to the T-Trux, who initially considered him nothing more than an annoying greedy fool who should keep his mouth shut. He can also be envious which was shown when D-Structs hired additional Scraptools, making Skrap-It feel unwanted. In general, D-Structs' relationship with Skrap-It appears to be a twisted version of Ty Rux's relationship with the Rotilian Reptool Revvit. Also, he and D-Structs gained a history with the Hydrodon Flynt after the T-Trux attacked a herd of Craneosaurs, and during the scuffle Flynt intervened, Skrap-it shows his true colors in "Dreadtrux part 2" where all he wants is not scrap but friendship and appreciation from D-Structs to the point of lying to him that he fought the Dreadtrux and defeated her and saved him and even admits that it was fun working with Ty and his friends. In season 6 he just wants to live a life with D-structs and has shown many, many times he definitely likes D-structs like wanting to cuddle or asking if they're still "us."


"Do you want this? You can have it."


Skrap-It is an chatterbox who is obsessed with scrap. He is also greedy and completely amoral. While sometimes he will put on an air of bravado, it will quickly vanish if he is confronted with a true threat. He suffers from a nervous twitch that becomes more frequent when he lies. Though he has a habit of making unwise choices, he has sometimes shown to be fairly intelligent, his true intelligence shows when he was struck by lightning and when he made D-Structs new tails. Despite his malicious and selfish tendencies he can work with others, but usually only does so when it works to his advantage. He also finds his fellow Skraptools to be rather annoying. Despite his lack of principles he is loyal to D-Structs despite the abuse he endures from him. He is also fairly observant as shown when he noticed that Revvit was no longer dangling from a vine that was trapping him.