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A Scraptor's promotional poster.

Scraptors are a species of Dinotrux that are drawn to collecting any stray pieces of metal, specifically scrap. They made their debut as the main antagonists of the episode of the same name.


Physical Description

Scraptors are bipedal creatures that stand on two treaded feet and have an elongated head with grooved jaws, glowing eyes and a long torso with two extendable grabbing claws. Like some Dinotrux, their color depends on the individual, with it being shown that one Scraptor is all-black with blue eyes while another is desert-tan with yellow eyes.


Scraptors, much like the flying Scrapadactyls and the smaller Scraptools, are naturally used to collecting, fighting over and in their and the former species' case, even feeding on scrap metal from other Dinotrux, making them cannibalistic predators of sorts. Befitting their predatory natures, they are only capable of communication through a unique language of high-pitched electronic screeches. Though scrap is their primary food supply, they will also eat ore and Tools. They live in nest-like hives which they build out of leftover scrap, and they are diurnal meaning that they don't search for scrap when the sun goes down. According to George, the reason for their mostly-diurnal behavior is that they are "afraid of the dark". Scraptors will also protect their eggs and newborns from harm, and if a single Scraptor is separated from its pack, then it will call out to any others of its kind in the vicinity.

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