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Scraptools are a species of Tool mostly concerned with finding scrap and taking things apart.


Physical Description

Scraptools look almost like Rotilian Reptools except for a rusted appearance and lack of bits and flexible tails, though in place of the latter features they have small metal spine-like pieces leading down to a stiff folding pocketknife or switchblade on their tail end that retracts at will and functions as a small hammer they use to push in bolts or put dents in Trux and welding blowtorches on their heads for disassembly or putting things together. Scraptools also have pincer-like jaws they use to carry bolts or other items with and metallic feet that allow them to sneak around and usually take the parts off of Trux. Every Scraptool is different despite their general appearances; some don't have welders or have different tails.


Scraptools are in a sense the antithesis of Reptools. Most Scraptools have different personalities, but they all share the same goal of finding scrap to keep to themselves and taking things apart, particularly things made of metal. Scraptools will usually collect any scrap from the ground or nearby Trux. They also have a habit of quarreling whether over a piece of scrap or food, when in groups, though a leader can make themselves present among a particular band of Scraptools if they choose to and are properly acknowledged. Alone, however, they often become quite cowardly and non-confrontational when approached by bigger challenges or obstacles without possessing some kind of advantage, even to the point of ironically begging for mercy. They are also quite greedy and thus are easy to manipulate. Many of them also seem to be rather unintelligent, though some of them are shown to be smart. They are so driven to scrap things that any piece of metal that has been put together will trigger their urge to scrap.

Notable Scraptools

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