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Poundersaurolophuses, or simply known as Pounders, are a species of Dinotrux that are known for pounding almost everything they come across. Poundersaurolophus is part Parasaurolophus and part pile driver.

Pounder the Poundersaurolophus


Physical Description

Pounders are bipedal Dinotrux with three grooved wheels arranged in a pyramid formation on each foot and a small claw for a tail. Their most notable distinguishing feature is their large crest-shaped head that is built like a hammer at the top of their small-handed torsos, and can be extended to smash objects or enemies.


Pounders travel and live alone, with many other Dinotrux avoiding them at all costs, even if it means abandoning their homes and finding new ones. They also move very fast, being in one place at one time and then in another the next. They are also elusive, as shown in the episode "Pounder".



  • They are most hostile and aggressive than their real life counterpart.
  • Only one Pounder is actually seen is dubbed by his species nickname.
  • The Poundersaurolophus is one of the few creatures that are not quite capable of speaking and makes clicking noises.