Tik tik the Junktool

Tik-Tik the Junktool.

Junktools is a species of Reptools.


Physical Description

Junktools are bipedal Tools with a set of pliers for a mouth and a tail ending in a u-bend. They have small two-digit hands, three-toed feet, long necks and two large eyes on either side of their head.


They are nomadic creatures who roam deserts in groups, and they are so sneaky that they are rarely seen and almost never get caught. Unlike Scraptools, Junktools are recyclers and are thus very crafty. Like other certain Tools, they cannot speak and only use clicking sounds to communicate.

Notable Junktools


  • Despite being part of the Reptool group Junktools are more closely resemble to Compsognathus which are in the dinosaur group.