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Gorge is a peaceful Dozeratops who used to be a hot head, like Dozer. He is a brown-coloured DinoTrux, and lives in a metal mound, like the other two Dozeratops he lives with. He helped in the episode "Garby's Gang" in which he got angry.


"Now, lets see what the universe has in store for me next."

"The left path, the right path, the wrong path,"

"You can take any path, as long as it's the one you're on."

"Sometimes names are just distracting labels."

Running Gag

  • George keep appearing out of nowhere in different situations after the gang fixed him in Scraptor Valley such as
    • In the Bitbug Oasis
    • In the Dark Forest
    • In the wind
    • On the sea surface.
    • In the northern region.
    • Stuck in a tree upside-down.