Garby is a loud and stinky Stegarbasaur that once saved his fellow Dinotrux with a huge toot. He is laid-back, enjoys eating rocks and tends to gas off and produce bricks around others much to his friends' dismay. Until recently, he had never heard of a bath; he also once "ate some bad limestone" before he heard about Ty Rux and Revvit as "the weirdo T-Trux who teamed up with the oddball Reptool and took on D-Structs". He used to eat rocks with Goldtrux before his obsession with gold drove him mad; the mere sight of gold pieces and dust from the latter Stegarbasaur is enough to "[give him] the pebbles". Despite his usual demeanor, he is still ready to confront whatever danger he may be able to go tread-to-tread with.