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A female Dreadtrux with her egg.

Dreadtrux are a legendary and rare species of Dinotrux.


Physical Description

Dreadtrux are quadrupedal Dinotrux that tower over every other creature they come across. They have a long neck like Craneosaurs, saw parts like Sawmetradons and are rock-eaters like Stegarbasaurs and Cementasaurs, they also can eat anything and grow extremely fast. They have multiple tread-wheeled feet they use to support themselves and for locomotion. But these wheels are their one weakness, as anything from unstable surfaces to strong metal chains getting caught between them are capable of knocking a Dreadtrux over. Baby Dreadtrux are also large, some even growing up to the size of adult Craneosaurs. The mother can tell if one baby is her's if it has her markings.


They are rumored to hibernate for a hundred years and once awakened, they destroy everything in their path and feed for months before returning to sleep again, though female Dreadtrux will search for their eggs if they cannot find them. They also lack the ability to speak the common language that most other Trux and Tools speak. Baby Dreadtrux are very playful, and can be disappointed if they have to leave a new friend.


  • Dreadtrux appear to be inspired by several large sauropods, such as the Argentinosaurus and Dreadnoughtus, the latter of which being where the "Dreadtrux" name was derived from.
  • They're based on Bucketwheel Excavators in real life.
  • As of season 3, Dreadtrux are understandably the biggest species seen in the series.
  • The legend of the Monster Trux might have originated from the Dreadtrux.
  • The first time the main group met a Dreadtrux they thought it was a male looking for ore but turned out to be a female and was looking for its egg.
  • Dreadtrux eat helium ore. Babies also show the ability to eat just about anything, even drink a whole tar pit dry if allowed.
  • Ty Rux gained a Dreadtrux's trust and she helped him and his friends dig a tunnel through the mountain.
  • Apparently, Dreadtrux is currently the biggest, tallest, strongest, dinotrux species there is in the show.
  • Although it may act very aggressive, not willing to help others in a nice way. It did help Ty Rux and trusted him, and dug through a tunnel in a large mountain.