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D-Stroy's full appearance.

D-Stroy is D-Structs' older brother who can sometimes be very critical of his "little brother", as he prefers to call him; Skrap-It once questioned to D-Structs that "He never misses an opportunity for constructive criticism, does he?" He and D-Structs used to work together in the past until D-Structs betrayed him. He has large spiked horns pointing upward on his head, one of which is broken and a crack-like scar on the right side of his face. His tail has a wrecking ball built more like a grinding flail with five spiky drills that also functions quite similarly to his brother's current tail and he has six forward-curved spikes on his neck and two curved spikes on each section of his tail, slightly longer arms and multi-treaded feet with retractable blades for flipping other Dinotrux over.


He is bigger, badder, stronger, faster, smarter and more patient, cunning, manipulative, devious, unpredictable and powerful than his brother. D-Structs believes that D-Stroy would happily betray him if given the chance. D-Stroy also found out a solidly and genuinely effective way of getting rid of Ty Rux and his friends, something his brother, even when provided with some form of assistance was almost never able to do. And he came up with fairly clever ploys to find the hiding spots of Ty and his friends. D-Stroy is similar to his younger sibling in behavior, though he did show a brief moment of Skrap-It complimenting him without a sign of rage. But there are a few important differences. Unlike D-Structs, who would have been happy just to see Ty and his Trux leave and never come back, D-Stroy is more relentless and determined to destroy his foes. D-Story is also more willing to give Skrap-It the benefit of the doubt, though that only goes so far. In addition as mentioned before D-Stroy is more intelligent and patient than D-Structs who is impatient and rash and doesn't think things through. Also, in the episode "Ty vs. D-Structs "when D-Structs went to the volcano, all the other dinotrux beat him until he left the crater through the tunnel.


  • The horns on D-Stroy's head make him resemble a Carnotaurus, a dinosaur similar to a Tyrannosaurus but not quite the same.
    • This suggests some T-Trux have horns like him to use as offensive weapons.
    • D-stroy has a very dangerous tail, that can function into grinding drills, a claw (bigger than D-structs claw),and a wrecking ball.
    • He is the first character in the series to be related to an antagonist.
    • He criticizes D-structs a lot.
  • His name is a pun on the word "destroy".