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An Aquadon's promotional poster.

Aquadons are large ocean-going Dinotrux that eat ore.



They are blueish tinged with grey and black and resemble mosasaurs with buzzsaw dorsal fins, clubbed tails and water jet propellers.


Aquadons are extremely territorial about their ore and will attack anything that they think is trying to steal it. They often move in pods and usually eat ore that comes from the bottom of the sea. They can swim very fast and jump out of the water, like dolphins and many fish. They will use their jaws, buzzsaw like dorsal fins and clubbed tails to attack their enemies.


  • When Revvit saw it he does not know what it is including tool-like fish and clam-like bivalves despite the name of the episode. However in Dinotrux Supercharged season 3 the Aquadons were named including the Clamp Clams but the tool-like fish, mechanical angler fish, and sea turtle version of the Tortool are still not yet named and will possibly be in Dinotrux Supercharged season 4.