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Ankylodumps are a species of Dinotrux. They are heavily armored and skilled in moving at high speeds and carrying large quantities of rubble.


Physical Description

Ankylodumps are quadrupedal Dinotrux that move around on four large tires. They have short stiff and strong tails ending in rotatable mace-like clubs, though they rarely seem to use them except to knock rocks around or for other purposes. Their most prominent feature is their large truck bed like that of a dump truck; its outside is lined with blunt spikes and equipped with strong hydraulic pistons. Babies look like their parents, but they lack the spikes of the adults. Ankylodumps are usually a shade of blue but have also been seen in other colors such as red, green and yellow in the case of the Dumps.


Ankylodumps usually live in herds. They carry rocks in their truck beds either to move or launch violently in defense. They can also use their hydraulics to jump back onto their feet if tipped upside down, and damage to these pistons can result in the Ankylodump being unable to right themselves. They have been proven to be afraid of T-Trux like Ty Rux and D-Structs, but a few will stand up to them. Ankylodumps show a love of extreme sports like patonk, racing, ramp jumping, cliff grinding and all extreme driving-related sports in general.

Notable Ankylodumps